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How To Build Razor Sharp Triceps?

The triceps are 60% of our arms and the biceps are 40% because it has 3 main muscles. An effective exercise is described to train the entire tricep.
Fitnessmenz Oct 22, 2019
Today I am going to tell you about tricep muscles. You can see two pictures of muscle anatomy here. Bicep has two muscles in brachii: long head & short head, but triceps have three muscle brachii: lateral head, long head, and medial head. So this picture is the backside of triceps. In this picture, you see a red muscle and a yellow muscle.
This red muscle is the long head muscle of the tricep and this yellow muscle, which is the lateral head muscle of the tricep. The green muscle you see in this second picture is the medial head muscle of the tricep, which is right under the long head and after the lateral muscle, which is outside the triceps.
So there are three muscles
  1. Long head
  2. Latera head
  3. Medial head
Firstly let me tell you that tricep muscle is 60% of our arm, and bicep muscle is 40% of the arm. If you want bigger arms, make sure you train triceps. tricep is 60% of the arm because it has three muscles, and bicep has two muscles. Let me tell you the function of triceps first.
Triceps function is extending the elbow, which means extending the arm. Arm extending is all depends upon the triceps. Triceps help for the posture as well because of the straight arm and straight elbows. Like in biceps, flexion the arm and supination. Triceps is extending the arm.
So here I have two videos you can watch, which is rope pushdown and one arm cable side extension. So let's check out the video first !!

Exercise To Properly Train The Entire Tricep.

You can see in the video that I have trained all three heads of tricep.
Rope push down Triceps Workout is for all three heads; long, medial, and lateral. People's weakness is that they don't train medial head. They don't know what should do the exercises for the medial head, lateral head, and long head.
If you don't know what exercise for this muscle and you know that this exercise is for triceps..that's it but triceps has three muscles !!! if you want to see proper definition, properly defined triceps then we will train all three muscles. you have mind connection with that muscle, then that muscle will be sharper than other muscles.
So you have to make a mind-muscle connection, which is very important. Exercises for long head like; all overhead extension, dumbbell skull crusher or barbell skull crusher are for the long head. you should add bodyweight dips for sure !! In bodyweight dips, you train both lateral and medial head. There is no long head train from this exercise.
The skull crusher and laying extension are meant to train the long head, and I have shown the cable exercise in the video, it's for the entire triceps. So make sure you go all the way up and squeeze all the down, which is essential for you!