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Do Abs Workout Burns More Belly Fat - Yes Or No?

Fitnessmenz Sep 28, 2019
Today I am going to cover an important question. Do you burn more belly fat by applying abs training? If you are doing abs training so that you burn more belly fat then answer is No. Yes, you can not burn body fat just by doing abs exercise alone. So what are the essentials to reduce body fat? Overall diet.
So if you are applying abs training thinking that your belly fat will be less, then your thinking is wrong. Your expectation is different, and work is different. If you want to reduce belly fat, the very first thing is nutrition and the second thing is a workout with weight training and cardio. So you need all four things to work together.
Those are four things
  1. Cardio
  2. Nutrition
  3. Abs
  4. Weight Training
Combining all these, then belly fat will be less because when you train abs, you train the muscle but fat is above the muscle. So the layer of fat is above the muscle, muscle and fat are two different things.
When you train abs, you train the six-pack muscle below, but the fat layer above will go through your nutrition. For this you will have to consume fewer calories, overall should be in a calorie deficit, you should be eating some salad with lean protein, low carb, healthy fats, drinking water and green tea combination of all these and weight training.
Weight training has such an effect that even when you are sitting at home, your body burns calories, but this is not the case in cardio.

The cardio will only burn calories as long as you do the activity. So abs workout alone will not work to reduce belly fat. You have to combine all these four things, and then everything builds work.
You must train abs; you can train 2 to 4 days a week. When you train abs, do not just crunches make sure you feel abs contraction. You will not see abs. The visibility of abs will be visible when your body fat percentage is in single digit. Your fat layer has covered the abs muscle.
The thinner your fat layer becomes, the more the visibility of your abs will increase. It takes time while reducing the same fat layer, and they are from the diet. So workout and nutrition are essential than cardio and abdominal training for proper abs.