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Advanced Workout To Develop Inner Chest Muscle

Fitnessmenz Oct 31, 2019
So lots of people ask me about the inner chest workout. The line you want to build in the middle of your chest depends on the thickness of your chest muscle.
Today I will give you the chest information because a lot of people confused about the inner chest. Our today's topic is "How To Build Inner Chest". Firstly let me tell you about the chest muscle. The chest has a pectoral major, which is called PECS. PECS means pectoral. So pectoral major and pectoral minor.
Our upper chest muscle is the major, and muscle going under the chest is minor. So lots of people ask me about the inner chest workouts.

Why Is There No Growth In Our Inner Chest?

The first thing is that there are no inner chest muscles.
In inner chest muscle, if you are saying the line between the chest, then this is a bone, and there is no muscle. Side muscle around the bone left and right PECS. It depends upon the thickness of the PECS kind of line you want to draw in between the chest. Often many people do chest press, barbell press, bench press, and dumbbell press.
All these exercises are for a pectoral major. They are not for the inner chest at all, and Presses exercise doesn't increase inner chest thickness. You should know the presses exercise are the mid-range exercise. Those are not the full range of motion. Everybody does barbell presses, incline, and decline press with dumbbell or barbell.
These are the mid-range exercises, but you have to train in the full range of motion. For this, here I have a short video for you, in which a useful exercise is described step-by-step. That is called cable fly everybody doing these cable fly, but this chest workout is in a different variation. This cable fly we are doing with internal and external rotation.

Workout To Train The Chest Muscle In Full Range Motion

Let's check out the exercise first. Let me tell you first if you want to build the line in the inner chest. So for this, you have to increase the thickness of the left-right PECS. It means presses are suitable for your outer chest but inner chest line, which is your problem. For that, you cannot train the deep layer around the inner chest.
For that, you have to shorten the PECS, means your hands should be close, and elbows should be straight., that movement is essential in every exercise of the chest. So shortening the PECS in this exercise, I was rotating my arms. We are contracting and getting maximum blood into the muscle.
We are squeezing the PECS and getting the blood into the right-left deeper inner chest layer. That's our main thing to get blood into the muscle.

Why Is It Necessary To Squeeze The Muscle During The Workout?

You know the blood carries all the nutrients, all the amino acid. You have had protein or diet all-day, the stomach breaks that diet and pushes into the bloodstreams. Nutrients that we receive in the whole day are only through blood vessels.
When we exercise, then we squeeze any muscle, then we get blood into the muscle, and I am telling you that blood carries all the nutrients and amino acids. When we squeeze here, blood supplies the nutrients for which your muscle will grow. So squeezing is very important, shortening the PECS and lengthening the PECS.
Right now, without any equipment, if you squeeze your chest by strengthening the elbows, then you will be noticed that your inner part of the chest will get squeezed. You will feel that blood is getting into the muscle, and that's what you want because by doing presses, you are not getting blood into the muscles.
Presses are a perfect exercise for the mid-range and thickness, but it's more useful for the outer part, not for the inner part. Alright, guys, I hope you understand. How to train and draw the line in the inner chest part and how can you add this exercise in your schedule. So we will provide you more tips on the different muscle groups.